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UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is the LEADING Manufacturer of Precision Diamond Wafering Blades with SMART CUT technology in US. Used on all popular low and high speed Sectioning/Wafering saws such as: BUEHLER, STRUERS, LECO,& many others.

Price & Quality Guarantee: we will beat & match any competitors price for the same type and quality diamond wafering blades.

  Save up to 650%   WHY PAY MORE?

Call: (661) 257-2288 for an amazing Manufacturers Direct Pricing

Compare Our Performance & Prices

  • Excellent Performance, even on Materials with a High Metallic Content (check our Case Studies)

  • Cut Hard to machine materials 3 times faster

  • Last 2.2 times longer

  • Works on larger variety of materials (More Universal)

  • No Smearing / No Material Deformation 

  • Priced 3.41 times less expensive than the leading / conventional Brand Name Diamond Wafering Blades

  • Non Magnetic Alloy Core / No Contamination

  • Used with plain water, synthetic coolant, or oil

  • Preserve True Material Micro Structure (Minimize & eliminate secondary operations after sectioning) (check our Case Studies)

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UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.

28231 Avenue Crocker, Unit 80  Valencia, CA 91355  Phone: (661) 257-2288  Fax: (661) 257-3833

e-mail: lel@ukam.com

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Extensive Inventory

Need it today?  No problem. With over 4,000 diamond wafering blades  in stock in different diameters and specifications, you are sure to find the solution you are looking for in stock and ready for same day delivery.

Incredible Cost Savings

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools. is quickly becoming one of the leading and most reliable manufacturers of THE TOTAL DIAMOND WAFERING AND SLICING SOLUTION. We work together in reducing your costs. Take advantage of manufacturers direct prices today! On average, you can save 400% to 650%. If you are not using one of our products, chances are you are paying to much.

Incredible Value

THE RESULT series Precision Diamond Wafering Blades offer you real value and savings. On the average, when you factor in savings in blade life, price, time, and material. You will find blade manufactured with SMART CUT technology can improve and reduce costs of your cross sectioning by as much as 600%.

Research and Development

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, research, and development of new and advanced technologies to keep up with the ever increasing challenges provided by advanced materials.

Technical Support

We are committed to helping you improve and optimize your cutting and wafering operation to the outmost level of efficiency. If you have a special application, that requires a custom solution. Send us a piece of your material, and we will analyze it in our laboratory and design a bond formulation for your particular requirement.

You can rely on us and our group of authorized application engineers to assist you in your cutting requirements, answer any questions, and provide you with the personal attention you deserve. Please, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team at Phone: (661) 257-2288  from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 6:00 p.m. PST.  TALK  TO  THE



UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools,  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.  has  recently  introduced  SMART CUT  technology,  a  new  breakthrough in  manufacturing precision diamond wafering blades. The  company  maintains  this  technology  will  REDEFINE  the  standard  in  cutting.

This  technology  allows  us  to  properly  position  and  orient  the  diamond  inside  the  metal  matrix. Making  sure  every  diamond  is  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  it  most. (Please,  see  diagram .)

This technology has also allowed us to develop a  NEW GENERATION HYBRID BOND diamond bond matrix. In  a  SMART CUT  diamond  bond  you  will  find all  the  advantages  of  cutting  speed  and  smoothness  that  you  have  come  to  expect  in  a  resin  bond,  and  unique  characteristics of a metal bond in terms of life, aggressiveness,  durability,  and  excellent  performance  on  you  look  for  in  a  metal  bond.

maximum cutting performance each  diamond  works  like  a  small  horse. Diamonds  come  in  contact  with  the  material  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  them  most. You  get  the  maximum  use  out  of  diamond  and  bond.

no glazing diamond wafering blade requires minimum dressing, the bond renews itself

faster cutting action - Diamond wafering blades manufactured utilizing this technology are much more aggressive than your conventional blades. They cut faster, still leaving behind a smooth finish.

more universal - These diamond blades are designed to work on practically any material you can find, You can cut very hard materials, than switch to cutting soft materials and the blade will still maintain the same consistent performance.

superior coolant system - these diamond wafering blades are designed to cut with or without oil. We feel it is more preferable to the user to use water as a coolant. Oil does not a proper coolant for this procedure, as most other manufacturers would suggest. Water is a true organic coolant, witch does not leave the specimen being cut oily or contaminated.    Find out more...

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.

28231 Avenue Crocker, Unit 80  Valencia, CA 91355  Phone: (661) 257-2288  Fax: (661) 257-3833

e-mail: lel@ukam.com


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